mLab I - Body / Object / Affordance


Skyting Yoga: New York City

I have become profoundly interested in the impact of objects, bodies, light and materials on our physical movement through space. Prior to moving to New York City in 2013, I was a contemporary ballet dancer, bachelor of kinesiology graduate and health and wellness junkie. Having dreamed of becoming an architect at a young age, I returned to design in pursuit of merging the field of architecture with health and wellness. Upon entering grad school, my health and experience of space drastically shifted. What was once a fluid and dynamic physical body froze into a docile and sedentary one. I cannot discount the elevated mental and creative exercise I have experienced during the past two years of design school, which is why I feel strongly that you can exercise both body and mind through spatial design.

From this, I have embarked on a one year (more appropriately; lifetime) Masters Thesis on the relationship between physical movement and spatial design; specifically the potential for postmodern contemporary dance to inform formalist design practice.  

On August 22nd, 11 of my dearest friends dedicated 4 hours of their Saturday to the first movementlab workshop. They arrived at 5pm knowing nothing more than they must wear all black and be ready to move. In all honesty, they knew about just as much as I did.

The workshop summary video includes solo and group improvisational work generated for a residency application and thesis research. I am incredibly grateful to everyone in my life who has selflessly offered time, skill and insight into this project. 

Big love and enjoy.