mLab V - Creative Thinking Catalysis


Recording + Documentation: in collaboration with Mac Roy

BRANDED Magazine Headquarters, Calgary AB

The workshop included an accessible movement-based warm up, with exercises to facilitate seeing one's environment in a new way; imagining the potential for engagement beyond the normative chair (to sit on), table (to work on), wall (to lean on). Participants selected an existing object/piece of furniture they interact with frequently, examined what information was available from a fixed vs. moving vantage point, and performed their normative interaction, on repeat.  This intensely engaged exercise foregrounded the lack of awareness and physically strain (ie: carpal tunnel) that results from unintentional engagement with our surroundings. Participants then explored 3 new opportunities for engagement with their object / piece of furniture, elevating awareness and the potential to bring "choice of engagement" out of the workshop and into daily life.



Short Film - Lucy

Recorded + Produced by: Mac Roy and Fresh Productions

The narrative of Lucy portrays an increasingly prominent  21st century epidemic . . .The Standard 9-5.  Embedded within this universally shared reality exists 3 sub-states: 

  1. Submission: a giving up and into the docility and disconnect that results from a life centered around the sedentary corporate dream
  2. Escape: a mental and physical escapist dream state
  3. Action: rebellion and release into an optimistic, active and engaged future